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The American Liver Society is founded in memory of everyone that was infected with Hepatitis C and other blood borne diseases as a result of tainted blood and blood products. Our mission is to help those Americans that contracted Hepatitis C from the nations blood supply and those affected as a result of the domino affect. Other countries around the world have compensated there victims and are prosecuting some of the people responsible for manufacturing and administering these tainted blood products.Canada has set up an 800 number for people to call to give any information about the tainted blood scandal in there country we would like the American Government to do the same for what is no doubt one of Americas greatest medical tragedies.As an American who has lost a brother to AIDS and Hepatitis C and is also infected with Hepatitis C as a result of tainted blood it is my goal to make sure these companies and people responsible are prosecuted and convicted for there crimes against humanity.This site contains adult material and is not suitable for children for we cover topics ranging for murder to sex.

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