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Viral Hepatitis A

Food service workers
Foodborne hepatitis A outbreaks are relatively uncommon in the United States; however, when they occur, intensive public health efforts are required for their control.

Although persons who work as food handlers have a critical role in common-source foodborne outbreaks, they are not at increased risk for hepatitis A because of their occupation. Consideration may be given to vaccination of employees who work in areas where community-wide outbreaks are occurring and where state and local health authorities or private employers determine that such vaccination is cost-effective.

Sewerage workers
In the United States, no work-related outbreaks of hepatitis A have been reported among workers exposed to sewage.

Health-care workers
Health-care workers are not at increased risk for hepatitis A. If a patient with hepatitis A is admitted to the hospital, routine infection control precautions will prevent transmission to hospital staff.

Children under 2 years of age
Because of the limited experience with hepatitis A vaccination among children under 2 years of age, the vaccine is not currently licensed for this age-group.

Day-care attendees
The frequency of outbreaks of hepatitis A is not high enough in this setting to warrant routine hepatitis A vaccination. In some communities, however, day-care centers play a role in sustaining community-wide outbreaks. In this situation, consideration should be given to adding hepatitis A vaccine to the prevention plan for children and staff in the involved center(s). 

Residents of institutions for developmentally disabled persons
Historically, hepatitis A virus infections were common among persons with developmental disabilities living in institutions. Currently, the occurrence of hepatitis A virus infections have diminished.

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