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Viral Hepatitis C

Diagnosis and testing

What is hepatitis C?
Hepatitis C Symptom
What blood tests are available to check for hepatitis C?
Can you have a "false positive" anti-HCV test result?
Can you have a "false negative" anti-HCV test result?
How long after exposure to HCV does it take to test positive for anti-HCV ?
How long after exposure to HCV does it take to test positive with PCR?
Who should get tested for hepatitis C?
What is the next step if you have a confirmed positive anti-HCV test?
Can you have a normal liver enzyme (e.g., ALT) level and still have chronic hepatitis C?

How is HCV spread from one person to another?
Hepatitis Transmission
How could a person have gotten hepatitis C?
How long can HCV live outside the body and transmit infection?
Is there any evidence that HCV has been spread during medical or dental procedures done in the United States?
Can HCV be spread by sexual activity?
Can HCV be spread by oral sex?
Can HCV be spread within a household?
Since more advanced tests have been developed for use in blood banks, what is the chance now that a person can get HCV infection from transfused blood or blood products?

Pregnancy and Breast feeding

Should pregnant women be routinely tested for anti-HCV?
What is the risk that HCV infected women will spread HCV to their newborn infants?
Should a woman with hepatitis C be advised against breast-feeding?
When should babies born to mothers with hepatitis C be tested to see if they were infected at birth?


How can persons infected with HCV prevent spreading HCV to others?
How can a person protect themselves from getting hepatitis C and other diseases spread by contact with human blood?
Should patients with hepatitis C change their sexual practices if they have only one long-term steady sex partner?
What can persons with HCV infection do to protect their liver?
What other information should patients with hepatitis C be aware of?
Should persons with chronic hepatitis C be vaccinated against hepatitis B?

Long-term Consequences of HCV Infection

What are the chances of persons with HCV infection developing long term infection, chronic liver disease, cirrhosis, liver cancer, or dying as a result of hepatitis C?
Do medical conditions outside the liver occur in persons with chronic hepatitis C?

Management and Treatment of Chronic Hepatitis C
Hepatitis Treatment
When might a specialist (gastroenterologist, infectious disease physician, or hepatologist) be consulted in the management of HCV-infected persons?
What is the treatment for chronic hepatitis C?
What are the side effects of interferon therapy?
What are the side effects of combination (ribavirin + interferon) treatment?
Can anything be done to reduce symptoms or side effects due to antiviral treatment?
Can children receive interferon therapy for chronic hepatitis C?
Hepatitis C Cure


What does the term genotype mean?
Is it necessary to do genotyping when managing a person with chronic hepatitis C?
Why do most persons remain infected?
Can persons become infected with different genotypes?

Hepatitis C and Healthcare Workers

What is the risk for HCV infection from a needle-stick exposure to HCV contaminated blood?
What are the recommendations for follow-up of healthcare workers after exposure to HCV positive blood?
Should HCV-infected healthcare workers be restricted in their work?

Hepatitis C co-infection with HIV

Why should HIV-infected persons be concerned about coinfection with HCV?

What are the effects of coinfection on disease progression of HCV and HIV?

How can coinfection with HCV be prevented?

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